Ant-Man/Giant-Man Epic Collection: Ant-Man No More TP

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Progenitor of the famous Pym Particle, biochemist Dr. Henry Pym started off his super-heroing life as the tiny Ant-Man and then burst into a new role as Giant-Man. The Avengers co-founder’s adventures with the Wasp continue in our second Epic Collection as they beat back the Beast of Berlin and battle other adversaries big and small. After their starring roles in Tales to Astonish and Marvel Feature conclude, there’s a new Giant-Man on the block—Pym’s friend and lab partner Bill Foster becomes the Black Goliath in a series all his own. Last, but far from least, we present the debut of Scott Lang as Ant-Man, the small hero who has made it big both in Marvel’s comics and on the silver screen!

COLLECTING: Tales to Astonish (1959) 60-69, Marvel Feature (1971) 4-10, Power Man (1974) 24-25, Black Goliath (1976) 1-5, Champions (1975) 11-13, Marvel Premiere (1972) 47-48, material from Iron Man (1968) 44

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