Fai // Storm of Sandikai [UPR045//UPR003] (Uprising)

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Set: Uprising
Edition: Unlimited
Finish: Regular
Type: Hero // Weapon
Subtype: Young // Scepter (2H)
Rarity: Token
Class: Draconic Ninja // Draconic Illusionist
Life: 20
Intellect: 4
You may start the game with a Phoenix Flame in your graveyard. Once per Turn Instant — [3 Resource]: Return a Phoenix Flame from your graveyard to your hand. This ability costs [1 Resource] less for each Draconic chain link your control.
Dragon allies you control have "Once per Turn Action — 0: Attack". (Allies can be attacked and can't be defended by the controlling hero. They die when they have 0 [Life]. At end of turn, allies life totals are reset.)

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