Magical Kitties Save the Day!

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You are CUTE. You are CUNNING. You are FIERCE. You are magical kitties, and it’s time to save the day!

Every magical kitty has a human. Every human has a problem. In 
Magical Kitties Save the Day, you and your friends use your magical powers to help your humans. But kitties live in hometowns that are filled even bigger problems like witches, aliens, and hyper-intelligent raccoons. So kitties go on adventures to save the day!

★ Simple, fast, and fun. Magical Kitties Save the Day is the purr-fect RPG for all ages!
★ It comes with a comic book that's also a solo adventure, designed to teach you the basics of gamemastering in minutes.
★ Makes it easy to introduce your favorite humans to RPGs, or to try out roleplaying or gamemastering yourself!

• 48-page rulebook
• 32-page The Big Adventure solo adventure comic
• 32-page River City hometown book
• River City full-color poster map
• 6 blue dice
• 48 KittyTreats
• 50 full-color character sheets

Ages 6+, 2-6 players, 1-2 hours

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