Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Place in the World TP

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Bad dreams and great team-ups! Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur must fight to stay out of the Dream Dimension, a place at the edge of our subconscious where all manner of monsters dwell! What fearsome fiends lurk within the mind of a 65-million-year-old thunder lizard -- or worse yet, a 9-year-old super genius?! Doctor Strange and Sleepwalker are about to find out! Then, Lunella meets the original kid super hero, Spider-Man! And if that isn't amazing enough, wait until the War of the Realms breaks out -- and our heroes share a mythical adventure in Asgard! Next, the Lafayettes face a family crisis that threatens time and space! And -- at last -- it's the biggest battle of brains in the Marvel Universe...and it will be fantastic! Is Reed Richards smarter than a fourth grader?

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