Roil Royale (Magic Minigame) [Zendikar Rising Minigame]

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Set: Zendikar Rising Minigame
Type: Card — Magic Minigame
Rarity: Common
2-6 players | 1 pack | 5 minutes


Ancient Kor ruins are being discovered across Zendikar! Be the first player to locate the ruins while avoiding the wrath of the Roil!


Open a pack and remove any cards without Magic card backs, then place all the cards face down on the table and randomize them. Whoever went camping most recently goes first.


Players take turns revealing one of the cards on the table. Each card has unique properties that may help the player on their way to the ruins:

Commons are campsites. Once revealed, they are discarded.

Uncommons, rares, and mythics are guides.

When a player reveals a guide, they keep that card.

Foils are maps. When a player reveals a map, they keep that card. Players can use maps to peek at one of the cards on the table before choosing a card to reveal. The map is then put back onto the table face down, the cards are randomized, and play continues. (Foil uncommons, rares, and mythics can be used as either a map or a guide!)

The basic land is the location of the ruins. When a player reveals the land, if they have no guides, they are killed by the Roil and eliminated from the game. If that player has one guide, they survive. In either case, the ruins (and the guide) are put back onto the table face down, the cards are randomized, and play continues.


The first player to collect two guides and find the ruins—or the last player standing—wins!

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