SW Legion: Moff Gideon

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The cunning Moff Gideon enters the battles of Star Wars: Legion in this new Commander Expansion! Continuing to serve the Empire after the Battle of Endor as a leader of his own remnant of Imperial forces, Moff Gideon is the cornerstone of a new Battle Force players can utilize in their games of Star Wars: Legion. With the Darksaber in hand and his three signature command cards at his disposal, he’s ready to fight to restore the glory of the Empire.

- Adds Moff Gideon to Star Wars: Legion as a commander.
- Moff Gideon forms the foundation of a new Imperial Remnant Battle Force.
- Includes the Darksaber as an upgrade to make Moff Gideon even more dangerous
- Gideon’s three signature command cards invite players to shape their strategies around him

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