The Isle of Cats: Kittens + Beasts Expansion

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The Isle of Cats: Kittens & Beasts
The Isle of Cats Kittens + Beasts is an expansion for The Isle of the Cats, adding 1 new lesson module and 3 new expansion modules to the game: Kittens, Beasts, and Events.

This box does not include a copy of The Isle of Cats

Expansion Modules:
Kittens: Focus on speed to rescue kittens as well as cats.
Beasts: Build friendships between your cat families and ancient beasts.
Events: Find new ways to score points as the rules of the game change around you.

Box Contents:
• 25 beast figures (5 of each type)
• 18 wooden rats
• 20 unique kitten tiles (4 of each color)
• 18 unique beast tiles
• 15 unique event tiles
• 1 lesson module (8 lesson cards)
• 7 family cards
• 3 bags (1 beast, 1 event, and 1 kitten)
• 10 semi-permanent tokens
• 64 point tokens (32 x 1 point, 32 x 5 point)
• 2 rulebooks (standard and family)
• 1 scorepad

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